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Control Module Block Diagram

Control Module with Sensor Feedback and Optional Display:
Intelligent Control Module controls digital and analog outputs while monitoring sensor inputs. Module can be used to control machinery, robotics, ovens, etc.

CoAutomation Projects:
Modular Industrial Oven Controller
-- Texas Instruments MSC1210 (varient of 8051) and Silicon Labs C8051F310
-- Thermocouple inputs
-- Digital PWM outputs for controlling heating elements and fans
-- Controls DC motor with encoder feedback and small stepper motor

Software Architecture for Family of Thermostats
-- Microchip PIC18 (low-end models) or PIC24 (high-end model)
-- Temperature and Humidity Sensor inputs
-- Relay outputs for multi-stage heating and cooling, and fresh air baffle
-- Also control of auxilliary humidifier and de-humidifier
-- Monochrome Graphics Touch-panel display
-- hardware for two pluggable radio modules

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