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Sensor Module Block Diagram

Sensor Module with WiFi Radio Connection:
Intelligent Sensor Module gathers data from one or more sensors. Data is optionally recorded in on-board non-volatile memory. The module connects to a host via WiFi radio link; data is transmitted to the host on-demand. The host can change system and recording parameters. Electronics is powered by a re-chargeable lithium battery.

Critical Design Issues:
Software and hardware must provide for synchronization of data from multiple sources. Module must be able to either transmit or record data as fast as it is acquired. Software architecture may need to support recording of "current" data simultaneously while transmitting previously recorded data. In "record-now transmit-later" applications, power management may be critical for module to accomplish its mission.

CoAutomation Projects:
Municipal Water Pipe Leak Detector
-- TI MSP430F5419 and TI MSP430F47166
-- 2-Gbyte or 4-Gbyte microSD Memory Card
-- third-party WiFi module with async serial interface
-- rechareable lithium battery

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