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Sensor orControl Appliance Block Diagram

Self-contained Sensing or Control Appliance:
Small device or appliance with a sensor that gathers data and then reacts with LEDs or sound; may control an external device using a digital output or relay. Typically appliance uses small microcontroller to save cost, but limited code memory requires careful firmware development. Small battery to minimize cost and/or size may require strategies to conserve power.

CoAutomation Projects:
Consumer Electronic Water Valve for Washing Machine
-- Microchip PIC12C671 (initial version), PIC12F675 (later version)
-- no storage
Device Monitors AC current drawn by Washing Machine and resistance in leak coil. Controls two solenoid valves allowing water to flow when washing machine is turned on. Water is shutoff when washing machine is off or when leak detected.

Leak Detector
-- TI MSP430F1132
-- no storage
-- 3V coin cell
Small device that uses "listens" for a water leak; leak is indicated by flashing LED

Gas Sensor with Relay Output
Design in development
-- TI MSP430G2231
-- AA battery
Small instrument that measures gas concentration and reacts to changes by closing relay.

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