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Wireless Sensor Block Diagram

Wireless Sensor with Low-Power Radio Link:
Device samples data periodically or triggered by event; low-power electronics "wakes" periodically to transmit data or to listen for incoming message to transmit data. Uses simple RF transmitter or transceiver to send data -- either proprietary or standard wireless protocol such as ZigBee. Firmware designed to minimize power to maximize battery longevity.

CoAutomation Projects:
Wireless Commercial Security Sensor Prototype
-- TI MSP430F149
-- TI CC1000 Transceiver
-- Battery not specified for prototype
Proof-of-concept for a low-power network of security sensors

Deep Ocean Sensor Package
-- TI MSP430F149
-- Satellite Transmitter Module
-- Custom Lithium-ion battery pack
Multiple sensors gather data for over 1 year deep under the ocean

Wireless Water Leak Detector
-- MSP430F1132
-- TI CC1100 Transceiver
-- 3.6V Lithium AA-cell

Wireless Glucose Sensor
-- Microchip PIC16F819
-- TI CC2550 Transmitter
-- 3V coin cell
Watch-like device transmits glucose levels to monitor

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