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Water Leak Detector with LED Indicator

Developed Tor: Flow Metrix Inc.

Key Technologies:
Microprocessor: TI MSP430F1132
Battery: 3V coin cell

The Problem: 
Develop a low-cost Water Leak Detector that detects leaks in pipes by "listening" to the acoustic signiture of a water leak. Device must conserve power when not operating; the project has a goal of operating for more than 3 years on a 3V coin cell.

The Solution: 
CoAutomation worked closely with the design team to complete the hardware design and write the firmware that will record "sound" readings using an Analog-to-Digital converter, filter the recording and determine whether a leak is present. We created the firmware to use the low-power modes of MSP430F1132 to mimimize power when not "listening" and make best use of the addressing modes of the MSP430 when filtering a recording. The firmware takes maximum advantage of the ability to start and record A/D conversions while the CPU remains asleep.

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