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Wireless Commerical Security Sensor Prototype

Developed For: (The company name has been withheld by request.)

Key Technologies:
Microprocessor: TI MSP430F149
RF Device: TI CC1000 Transceiver
Battery: Battery not specified for prototype

The Problem: 
Develop a proof-of-concept prototype of low-power, rapid-response sensor electronics that detects when "valuable" objects have been touched or moved. Client was concerned that too much power would be required to achieve adequate response time.

The Solution: 
The client needed a test bed for proving that their product idea was feasible. CoAutomation created a prototype using a TI MSP430 microcontroller development board and adding a Chipcon CC1000 transceiver and electronics to simulate sensor activation.

CoAutomation also created a simple, event-based task system for low-latency response. We ran several firmware experiments for the client proving that this hardware/firmware combination could meet low-power standby requirements and still wake-up fast enough to meet both communications rates and operation response time requirements.

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