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Wireless Water Meter and Leak Detector

Developed Tor: Flow Metrix Inc.

Key Technologies:
Microprocessor: TI MSP430F1132
RF Device: TI CC1100 Transmitter
Battery: 3.6V Lithium AA-cell

The Problem: 
Work with the design team to complete the electronics and write the firmware for an advanced Water Meter with an integrated leak detector. The "meter" needed to operate for greater than 10 years without a battery change.

The Solution: 
CoAutomation worked closely with the FlowMetrix designers to implement a proprietary algorithm for managing power in a remote sensor that periodically transmitted data to a collecting device. Modular software techniques allowed use of previsouly developed code for the leak detector. Careful use of MSP430 and CC1100 low-level resources significantly improved battery life.

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