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Water Pipe Leak Detector

Developed For: 64Seconds Inc.

Key Technologies:
Microprocessor: TI MSP430F5419 for control; TI MSP430F47166 for data acquisition.
Wifi Device: Connect Blue OWSPA311g
Battery: 3.6V Lithium Cell

The Problem: 
Develop a generic architecture that will allow creating a family of products that acquire data from analog sensors; packetize and store the data as well as transmit in real-time to an iPOD Touch using WiFi. The first device will be an instrument that digitizes "sounds" from a Municipal Water Pipe and sends the data to an iPOD Touch or an iPhone for further processing. The iPOD Touch filters the data and produces both a visual and audio output. A trained operator uses these results to determine that a leak is present and to localize the leak so that it may be repaired.

The Solution: 
CoAutomation acted as an advisor in the creation of the architecture and development of the hardware. In particular, CoAutomation reviewed the initial schematics and re-asssigned signals on the two microcontroller to maximize use of the internal peripherals.
CoAutomation developed the communication's handshaking protocol that permits the two MSP430 to efficiently exchange messages. CoAutomation also provided 64 Seconds with all the low-level hardware peripheral drivers and serial communication software. Working with 64 Seconds, a technique for timing the acquisition of sigma-delta A/D samples was created and implemented.
CoAutomation also created the initial communications software for the Connect Blue WiFi module.

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