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Modular Industrial Oven Controller

Developed For: Advanced Thermal Systems (ATS).

Key Technologies:
Microprocessor: TI MSC1210 for temperature sensing and control
Microprocessor: SiLabs C8051F310 for motor control.

The Problem: 
Create architecture for modular Industrial Controller to be used in a family of industrial ovens. Design hardware and firmware to control oven temperature, fan-speed for airflow, motor drive of oven belt and side rails.

The Solution: 

Each modular board would be responsible for 8 zones as well as a piece of the miscellaneous oven features. Each zone had a K-type thermocouple input, an air-pressure input and two PWM outputs for a heater and a fan. Each board also had eight 24V digital inputs and outputs, which can be used for proximity sensors and controlling pneumatics to raise and lower the oven hood. Each board also contained electronics and firmwware to control two stepper motors and two DC motors with encoder feedback. The smallest oven would use one-board for eight zones; the largest oven used four boards for thirty-two zones.

In production, the client estimated savings of 60% over using off-the-shelf industrial controls.

CoAutomation designed the electronics and coded the firmware for the two on-board microcontrollers. The MSC1210 was the main processor for the board as well as acquiring oven temperature data using the on-chip 24-bit sigma-delta A/D converter. The temperature was acquired one zone at a time and an appropriate pwm response was calculated and executed. The SiLabs C8051F310 exclusively was use for stepper and DC motor control and collecting encoder feedback for the DC motors.
Each board communinicated with a control panel using serial communications.

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